About Bliss Ridge

Welcome to Bliss Ridge and the Home of Jordan + Dan von Trapp!

Bliss Ridge is a magical place in central Vermont, located 15 minutes (driving) from both Waitsfield and Waterbury, 20 minutes from Montpelier, 35 minutes from Stowe and 40 minutes from Burlington.

A bit of history...

Back in 1982, Jordan’s mom and dad left their maritime life in the Caribbean and took their Volkswagon bus for a spin around Vermont in search of a little log cabin and one acre to buy... They stopped into an old dairy farm (formerly Old Gove Farm) which sits at the top of a dirt road in Moretown, found the panorama irresistible and snatched up the 87.5 acres of paradise without thinking twice.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and I (Jordan) have moved back to the (since-renamed) farm after a storied 10 years of adventuring and working and schooling around the world. 

(The part of the story that explains why we call our home Bliss Ridge, that starts when I arrive back here in 2009, is a thrilling romance punctuated with hay dust and mud boots...)

 You can get to know me and my penchant for edible adventures and creative cooking and life, over here at Saucy Vermont...)

A lot goes on at Bliss Ridge these days.  Our latest endeavor in “ambience farming”, aka the wedding business, is part of our realistic effort toward maintaining the land as agricultural and steering clear of the bleak fate of development that has plagued so many rural farms.

The grounds and structures are kept ship-shape around this historic farm - the old dairy barn exudes rustic charm and the “wedding green” is a lovely flat area for croquet, cocktail hours and dancing... We have one heroic duck by the name of Wild Bill, one ridiculously long eared hound-dog mutt called Gus and a hand-full of cows. We once had pigs but ate them all at our wedding... and we often have chickens, for nine-week stints...and we often eat them for dinner.  Both my husband Dan and I are chronically over-ambitious; I can’t help but plant enormous gardens with a vast variety of interesting vegetables.  I despise the grocery store and attempt to grow as many reasons not to go there as possible.  Dan is otherwise known as Mr. Fix-it, and after learning the art of timber-framing, he and his brother Sebastian started a cheese company, von Trapp Farmstead which is located at our other family farm just over the hill...  In our spare-time, which we once experienced for five minutes, we don’t actually leap around the meadows singing show-tunes with Julie Andrews in lederhosen, but do look forward to picnicking in the hills of Bliss Ridge or relaxing in our new hammock. 

We got married at Bliss Ridge and highly recommend it.

**Bliss Ridge is a private home; please email or call to schedule a site visit**

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