Bliss Ridge is a boutique wedding venue booking no more than 10 unforgettable events per year. Our mission is to facilitate custom weddings and the unique character of our 88-acre, organic, wilderness-surrounded farm, provides a stunning backdrop for events ranging in style from elegant seven course gastronomic affairs for 200, to intimate elopements, to relaxed pig roast-square dances. 

**Bliss Ridge is a private home; please call ahead to schedule a site visit**

Unlike most Venues which bind the client to use all of their in-house or chosen vendors, we allow the freedom for each client to hire their own vendors and thus do as much or as little DIY as they choose to. Clients can fashion Bliss Ridge to their liking in several different ways: 

  • Plan a magical event in one of our secluded meadows, implementing a catering tent...
  • Choose to hold the ceremony in our wedding meadow and use the historic dairy barn for the reception, opting to utilize the outdoor green and/or the barn itself for cocktail hour & dancing.
  • Rent our ceremony meadow & hold the reception elsewhere...
  • The options are endless.

Event Guidelines:

  1. The property must be left in tidy and good condition, with all rental/personal items and garbage removed the following day. We will provide recycling bins, and organic compost receptacles as well as trash cans however you or your caterer is reponsible for removal of trash. 
  2. Clients must comply with all provisions and limitations specified in the rental contract.
  3. Portolets will be rented by the client (see our preferred vendors, the options range from basic to far fancier and nicer than many permanent restrooms.) Also - we "hide" them in the cute woodshed where they can be camouflaged with fabrics and flowers.
  4. It is the responsibility of the caterer to leave the area in the same condition as upon their arrival.
  5. Keep in mind that our barn floor is more "authentically "farmy" than some other event barns ie: not glossy and not perfectly flat.
  6. Rental items and vendors are the responsibility of the client, however there are excellent wedding planners listed on the preferred vendors page who can facilitate your dream event from soup to nuts! We also can create a package-deal farm-to-table option for those wishing to simplify the DIY.
  7. As required by the town of Moretown, guests must depart by 12:00am. At 10pm amplified music must be turned off (music can still be played and the party can continue but as a courtesy to our distant neighbors that like their quietude, the loud music will need to be quieted to an unobtrusive level.)
  8. There is no flame allowed in the barn or immediately surrounding area - ie: NO smoking or candles (closed lanterns on wedding green are permitted and smoking is permitted in adequate distance from the barn).
  9. The client must hire a DLC licensed CATERING FIRM to serve alcohol (not all caterers are licensed to serve alcohol). If the couple wishes to self-cater or use a caterer who does not offer bar services, a beverage service can be hired separately - please see our preferred vendors.
  10. Parking is limited to 75 cars. (We recommend using a bus service is alcohol is part of the wedding plan).


Can we bring our own "stuff" if we choose?

Absolutely! You are allowed to bring your own décor!

Why do hay-bale rentals seem expensive? ($4/bale)

Because of the potential of rain and the time that it takes to set up and take down the haybales, we have to charge $4/bale BUT remember - two people can certainly fit on one bale. Also, setting up a few rows of hay-bales with standing room behind is a great option for the ceremony. 

Do I really need to rent a water, wine, beer and cocktail glass for each person?

No! A creative way to handle the “glass dilemma” is to provide name tags with a colored rubber-band for each guest, alongside a table of different glasses and allow each guest to choose their own - this way they will be in charge of their own glass throughout the night and can switch between beverages as they please. 

Do you have tables and chairs available for receptions?

We do!  Bliss Ridge has enough beautiful wooden chairs and round tables on-site, to seat 200 guests. 

Is there a dance floor in the barn or would we need to rent one?

Some couples opt to rent parquet squares to fashion up a smooth dance floor in whatever size they prefer, others opt to dance on the barn floor... 

Why do we need to take out extra insurance for the day? Isn't that going to be expensive?

Because it is the smart thing to do! Wedding insurance covers you - the client, all or your guests and family businesses, as well as Bliss Ridge Farm and its owners in the event of anything unfortunate happening.  The bride & groom are responsible for taking out their own wedding insurance, which is less than $200 for a one-day, $1mill policy (which must cover liquor liability). Check with your homeowners insurance as well, as it may offer a “rider” for the day.

What is the "caterers staging area" like?

Some caterers bring their own fully outfitted tent, some don’t... we have caterers staging tables here for your use (one of them is a beautiful harvest table) as well as a refrigerator and a “backstage” entrance to the barn for dish-transfer and server traffic thus completely eliminating any bussing traffic from the dining experience. 

What if we have 200 or more guests? Will everyone be able to hear the ceremony?

The natural acoustics at the ceremony site (slight hill) make it possible to seat nearly the entirety of a 200 guest party and even those in the very back will be able hear the ceremony (provided the speakers don’t whisper and the weather cooperates) without the officiants needing to yell or be amplified.  If you have a larger party and/or desire to be amplified, a classy, quiet generator (and electrician) can be hired.

Why can't we just hire a friend to bar-tend and buy all of our own alcohol?

Unfortunately the laws in America are such that you as the client and we as the property owner, would be putting our entire livelihoods, businesses and homes at risk if we allowed this.  Believe me, I’ve done the research and there is just no way around it, you must hire a licensed firm to serve. Plus, you will not have to stress about details like ice and running out of anything, etc. And, contrary to popular belief, you wouldn’t actually be saving much if you self-catered. 

WHAT!? I have to have porto-potties at my wedding!? Isn't that going to be yucky?!?!

No! Portable bathrooms are fancy-schmancy these days. Even if you opt to go for the less expensive ones (only $150 each for the weekend), amazing things can be done - we “hide” them in the cute woodshed where they can be camouflaged with fabrics and candles, flowers, framed photos, etc. and you can set up a wash station with a mirror and nice towels and soaps, perfumes, etc.